Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Berryz Koubou - cha cha SING (Flash Mob Ver.) PV

UFA has given us what what we've all been waiting for - a full PV of the flash mob scenes that looked so interesting in picture form. Did it live up to the fan-made hype? Only one way to find out!

The PV opens with Berryz walking toward the crowd just ahead of them.

They looked cool just without doing anything, but Miya randomly putting her hand on her hip made her look so badass.

The people around them are just going about their daily lives, seemingly minding their own business (as seen by the janitor in the left corner of the gif above lol),

but all that changes when the dancing begins. They all stop to stare and admire Berryz. Even janitor-san can't help but watch in awe.

However, the staring doesn't last for too long, as everyone goes from spectator to dancer. Long hair guy in the top right is my favorite for no real reason.

And the flash mob dancing goes on for the remainder of the PV in an impressive fashion.

Already I've heard people say that this is much better than the original PV but I have to respectfully disagree. Don't get me wrong, this version is amazing, but only as an alternative PV. I say that because it's very one dimensional. There's just mob dancing, mob dancing, and more mob dancing with no variety. Maybe I'm too used to the tried and tested UFA formula of making PVs (dancing, close-up shots, and random additional scenes), which is why I'm glad this isn't the original PV. But again, I have absolutely no problem with this being what it is -- a bonus version meant to show a different side to this song, and it does that very well. I don't think I stopped smiling at all the whole PV, which shows how much I enjoyed watching it.

Here's the download link (it's 720p HD, taken from the Youtube link, edited a bit to remove the UFA logo screens at the beginning and also don't forget about the password):

And you can buy this single if you like it!


  1. many thanks

    but was is the download-password ?

  2. Wow! Thank god that someone's on my side. I enjoyed this version very much, but I don't think it has enough variety and doesn't show the girls well. The faces weren't really visible in that light and idols should be recognizable.

  3. @Anonymous


    Click on the word "password" (conveniently highlighted as a link) and look at the last word of the newly opened post.

  4. your password: "airisuzukijmt: is INCORRECT