Monday, July 23, 2012

A new H!P blog

Recently, Chobineko started a brand new Hello! Project blog that I think you guys will find useful.

It's called Hello! Fans and with it, Chobi's goal with it is to help her fellow H!P fans learn more about the fandom.

Since she just started, she'll be focusing on some basic things for now (like her first post is the various types of H!P photos that are available for sale), but still I think that everyone can find enjoyment out this new blog no matter where your knowledge level is at. For example, even I learned something in her first post.

Hello! Fans has an enormous amount of potential and I hope that you guys will check it out and support her because I know it will be great! She's already put a lot of effort into it and with her impressive H!P collection at her disposal, she'll be able to not only talk about H!P goods, but also show you, making it a truly complete guide to everything H!P.

You can visit it here:


  1. Too good!!! LOVE IT! Really usefull!!
    Felicidades Chobi :D ♥

  2. I love Chobi and this blog looks fantastic and full of great writing and insight, it is much needed...

    BUT the font is WAYYYYY too small!!! Please make it bigger and bolder some of the color used is so light it can hardly be read...which is a shame because everyone should be reading this blog!!

  3. @ryochan > Thank you very much, I hope it'll still help you in the future ~
    @Anon > Thank you for your comment, I changed the light blue color to a darker blue. Though, the size of the post's text looks normal on my screen... >_<