Thursday, July 26, 2012

Berryz Koubou - PON! 7/26/12

Berryz on PON today promoting cha cha SING

Momochi's personality is out in full force in this one.

However, each member was also given 15 seconds to do some personal promotion to appeal themselves to the audience. Captain did a part of the cha cha SING dance, which was cute.

Yurina was like "I'm Berryz Koubou's Sky Tree!" lol. And she also showed off her ear wiggling skills.

Chinami recited a bunch of digits of pi again.

Maasa showed off her charm points (AND REALLY WANTS YOU TO LIKE HER OR ELSE)

Miya is impossibly pretty (and shows off her baton skills).

And finally, Risako does a celeb impression. (Momochi doesn't get a turn because she was dominate at the beginning of the talk lol)

This was truly a good appearance because everyone had time to shine. Berryz fans will definitely enjoy it!

Download link:

Don't forget the password (and soon I won't remind you guys anymore about it, so just memorize it!).

And you can buy this single if you like it!