Friday, August 3, 2012

C-ute Alo-Hello 2012 making of

This is the included DVD with the Alo-Hello photobook.

As you would expect, it's mainly gravure shots, as most of the fun is located on the Alo-Hello 2 DVD.

The first scene is the same as in the Alo-Hello 2 DVD - in the beach house.

After giving a short interview for the camera, they begin doing random activities for pictures that would appear in the photobook.

And then things move poolside,

where one of the more famous shots in the photobook is taken.

After playing around a bit,

it's back to casual clothes.

Then, shopping,

and eating

is enough to make C-ute happy.

Being pretty in white dresses rounded off the day

before it was back to swimwear the next day.

And finally, there's footage from the ranch as C-ute interacts with horses.

Since some people from other countries were having problems with packupload, I'm moving on to yet another filehoster. This one is similar to multiupload in that it uploads to many different hosters, so you can pick whichever download option you like best. There's no password (because I can't add one).


  1. arigato gozaimasu :)
    packupload sucks
    jedimastertrunks rules!

  2. where is the download link there?