Monday, April 30, 2012

Momoko - Run for Money 4/8/12

Run for Money is totally one of my favorite Japanese shows. If you've never watched it, here are the basics:

A handful of male and female celebrities all gather to play a glorified game of manhunt (basically hide-and-seek and tag mixed together).

But, it's not just any old game. At stake is a yen cash prize as seen in the bottom right corner of the screen.

In the screenshot, the prize is 59,600 yen (about $550), but as each second passes, 200 yen ($2) is added to the prize.

Winning is simple - you just have to survive for 2 hours in the allotted area.

But, of course it isn't quite that easy. As I said before, it's a game of survival - survival from the so called Hunters:

If you see a guy in a suit and glasses (basically an Agent Smith look-alike), then you'd better run and hope that he doesn't see you. Why? Because if he touches you, then you're out and the game is over for you. He's also probably much faster than you are, so finding a good hiding spot is key. And there is never just one Hunter; the game starts with three, with the possibility of (many) more entering in on the fun.

To spice things up, occasionally the contestants are texted instructions for an optional "mission".

The players do not have to take part in the mission, but both success and failure (or simply not taking part in the missions) has consequences. For the first mission, two giant inflatable balls are revealed:

Behind one of them lies another Hunter and behind the other lies a switch that opens up a new area (and thus, more hiding spots). Players have to hold the levers upwards, which inflates the giant ball. They must stand there and hold the lever upward until the ball pops (making them vulnerable to other random Hunters roaming around), revealing the secret behind it.

H!P members have been on this show a few times before, so I'm glad to see Momoko continuing that trend (one of them even won an episode; I won't give anymore details to avoid more spoilers). It's a really long TV show (almost 2 and a half hours), but it's pure entertainment.

A quick note about this encode: it came from a Chinese streaming site (you can see the logo in the top right of the screen), but the quality is pretty good considering.

Download link:


  1. I'm going to be selfish and hope you will sub this ;p

    Nah just kidding, you guys got a full plate already.

    Didn't they play this in one of Berryz dvd magazine? Japanese are freaking creative in making shows!

  2. The ScyFy Channel had this show a few years ago, but they called it "The CHA$E" and used citizens. It was a pretty good time-waster. Can't wait to see Momoko play this! I'll have to figure what channel and what time this show is on so I can KeyHole it.

    1. The Cha$e is actually based on this show. The American producers adapted Run For Money.

    2. The Cha$e is actually based on this show. The American producers adapted Run For Money.

  3. I love you for uploading this! I wanted to see this so bad!

  4. @breedx: subs would indeed be awesome, but don't count on it happening~

    Yep, they did something similar in Vol. 26. I posted about it when it released:

    @Hidders: I totally saw a commercial for that a long time ago but never watched. Were the prizes any good?

    @Raffi: yep now you should watch

    @JuulChii: You're welcome! It's an awesome episode~

  5. Cash prizes; winner gets 25k. And sometimes there is a money game, or a take-the-money-and-run option to take $2k-#3k and quit. They have a few episodes (45min. long) up on Hulu.

  6. Ah cool, thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out sometime.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing :) I've watched this show once before (the episode with Mao Asada, her sister & another famous iceskater) & it was totally worth watching ^^ So I expect this one to be thrilling too ^o^

  8. how to participate in this show?? i am finding some way to it...... can anyone show me?