Thursday, April 5, 2012


  1. They fixed the Engrish.

    Web version has "supecial" on Riho's magazine.
    This version has the correct "special"

  2. Thank you so much ♥
    I bought Gaki's ver. and Limited B so excited they are my first ever cd purchases and I think they are a damn good one too ;)

    Will other pv's be uploaded 1 by 1 or all together (HQ old pvs)

  3. That's weird, mediafire says that there's a problem with the file every time I go to download it :/

  4. @tommyvd: Good catch!

    @LiamMusume: Do you mean from the Bluray collection? I'll probably make a post with like 10-15 PVs per post. I really want to finish the first batch this weekend.

    @Leia: Same here, come on Mediafire, don't die on us~~

  5. Ah ok :D I am so excited for the PV's ♥
    Do you mind if I post them to youtube ?

  6. Thank you so much !
    I think there are some problems with MediaFire atm the 2 and 3 on your S/mileage keep getting errors :(
    I will try to donate to you when I get money ♥ You are amazing :D

  7. @Chris
    Oh good, seems like it's working now.