Sunday, April 8, 2012

C-ute and Up Up Girls on Idol Yokochou Matsuri 4/8/12

Here are C-ute and Up Up Girls' performances on the Yokochou Matsuri NicoNico stream from today. I might have the other groups up later today~

Up Up Girls opened the concert by performing three songs and had a short MC,

and C-ute closed the concert with quite a few songs, including Kimi wa Jitensha, Sekaiichi, and JUMP with a live band.

The concert was pretty good overall and C-ute definitely stood out the most. The Kimi wa Jitensha + live band performance in particular was amazing. It was the best vocal of the day for me.


Up Up Girls:


  1. Amazing performance by C-ute. Thanks a lot for the share :D
    Really made my day.

  2. Arigatou~ C-ute's part was really good!
    Can you also upload Babymetal's part? I saw they were with the band this time.

  3. @Anon2: Even though there was a band, I think babymetal was lipsynching (but then again it was 5 AM for me so I dunno lol). But yeah I'll have the whole 4 hour concert up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

  4. Thank you for uploading the UUG performance ^_^

  5. I remembered about it and was at a friend's house!! So i grabbed my cellphone and watch it from it! It was amazing! BabyMetal lipsynched, but it was a good perf. after all... ÂșC-ute was just AMAZING!!