Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[TPF] C-ute - Musata (2012.04.13)

Last week's Music on Saturday appearance focuses on a Chisato confession about her (as well as the other member's) weight.

It's a pretty interesting (but short) video. Also, lol at the host's face in the screenshot.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation, Timing: SFGundam
Editing: DokiDoki12
Encoding: Airiindeshou

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?o9jym1naaz31ho6

Or watch streaming on the website: http://twilight-paradise.net/?p=133


  1. omofofoamfoaogofusfus *faints*

    o_o; I love you guys... Thanks

  2. Morning Musume and °C-ute performing on J-Melo.

  3. Aha, I enjoyed this... thank you. :3 I hate it when these girls talk about being fat... because they aren't. Chisa was sort of chubby during that concert, but with the other girls talking about being fat, even the current Chisa, none of them are fat!! It irritates me...

    But thanks for this. :) lol