Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Idol Festival live on Niconico April 8th

C-ute, Up-Up Girls, and a few other idol groups (BABYMETAL YES) will be performing a special live on April 8th in Tokyo and it will be streamed on Niconico!

The concert starts at 4 PM Japan time (the stream will start 10 minutes early), which is 3 AM for the US East Coast (visit this link to find out what time it will be in your country).

I will be recording this assuming that:
1. I don't forget about it
2. I don't fall asleep waiting for it to come on
3. My recording program actually works

The link for the stream is here:

And just in case you still don't have a Niconico account, read this post to find out how to register!


  1. 2 AM on Easter Sunday? Um, heck no. XD Darn it...

  2. Sunday 9:00 AM? I'm going to watch it!

  3. Almost a birthday present!! Please don't forget! My BABYMETAL split disc came in the mail. I really wanna see them live

  4. BABYMETAL f yeahhhhh. I am definitely watching!

  5. 3pm in Australia, So I'll probably watch it.

  6. Thank you very much!! <3

  7. Thanks for the heads up, time-shift'd it! Though the problem with that is finding the diary-list that has time-shift'd shows on it. It usually takes me forever to find them.