Friday, April 6, 2012

Looking ahead to Renai Hunter's competition

Like I usually do for special or memorable releases, here's a look at next week's competition for Risa's last single as a member of Morning Musume.

The above screenshot is next week's Ninki poll. According to the Japanese Oricon readers that were polled, the top 5 artists for next week are Sexy Zone, Perfume, 2AM, Morning Musume, and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.

Sexy Zone will take #1. Their last single (which was also their debut - you might remember that Mobekimasu faced off against them) sold 173,000 copies.

Perfume will be in the running for #1, but unless Perfume has a sudden upward surge in sales (or Sexy Zone's single sells way lower than expected), they will take #2. Their last few singles sold around 80,000-94,000 copies in their first week.

And so that leaves the battle for 3rd. Despite what the Ninki poll says, it's Morning Musume's spot to lose. 2AM's Japanese debut single sold 26,000 copies and they'd have to double that in order to compete with Morning Musume. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION usually sells less than that (20,000 or so). And the person ranked 6th in the Ninki poll is a seiyuu (K-ON! fans will recognize her) that poses an even less threat than ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.

Although the numbers to the left of the artist's name do not represent predicted sales in any way, this time around they should be pretty close - at least for the top 5.

My guess is that the week ends up like this:
1. Sexy Zone (195,000)
2. Perfume (97,000)
3. Morning Musume (45,000)
4. 2AM (30,000)

If you want to ensure Morning Musume gets that #3 spot, you can buy this single!


  1. I really hope Morning Musume does good in the charts. I already preorder the single in itunes(You can do that now, but only for Risa's version :) I don't think itunes sells help for the charts, but it the only way I could buy it.

  2. I'm buying this just for Gaki-San! My first time buying anything H!P related. I hope it sells well. Renai Hunter is such a great song with great vocals from Gaki and everyone else, the b-side is good and I love Gaki-san's version of Egao no Namida(probably my fav Aya Matsuura song.) Altogether, a big win!

  3. I've been wondering about something. Do all of the purchase of their single (regardless of LE or not) go towards their sales? Or do they only count the Regular Editions?

  4. I have already pre-ordered my copy. I would love to see this do well for them because it is a great song!

  5. I'm broke. Taxes are due this week. I will still buy one copy to do my part, though. It's for Gaki-san!!! And 10th Gen!!

  6. Pre-ordered my copies too. Bought Single V (since I want the MO) and Gaki-san's cover (since it's her special single). Let's all support Hello Project Groups all the way! :D

  7. I've preordered three copies (also for my friends ^^)... LimE~~
    I hope Momusu to reach #1 XD But it's difficult...
    Then I think... Pyoko pyoko was 3rd D: So Renai Hunter MUST BE first! XDD

  8. Yeah!!! I'll buy all the limited editions and, of course, the Single V because I really want the PV and the live performance of Sayu and Mizuki jeje

  9. i wish i can afford to buy this single but i can't since im broke but i do hope that they sell well b/c Ren"ai Hunter is a really good single i feel horrible not being able to support Momusu and of course Gaki-san

  10. hey anonymous...don't feel horrible. i hope what I said didnt make you feel guilty for not buying the single. Real life matters are more important and you can't spend money you don't have. Support them in spirit and when you have enough some day you can buy whatever release comes out then!

  11. Please vote for S/mileage! :D

  12. Yay! Renai Hunter have gotten no. 1 on for the daily charts.
    Even if it is just the daily charts, I'm so proud of them :D
    Hoping to see them climb the charts for the weekly (though it will be a tough competition from Sexy Zone and Perfume).