Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's request for Morning Musume to appear on Music Station!

Just like I asked you all to do for Maji Desu ka Ska!, I'm asking you to request that Music Station invite Morning Musume to perform on their show.

You see, Music Station is one of the most popular music shows in Japan. The fact that it is invitation only (you can't buy your way on air) also makes it one of the most respectable. So, an appearance there would help Morning Musume out greatly.

Here's how you can help. Go to Music Station's website here:

And you'll be brought to this page:

The first box that has  ニックネーム next to it says "nickname". You can probably just type your nickname in romaji.

The second box asks for your gender. Left is male, right is female.

Third box asks for Japanese prefecture. Since you don't live in Japan, just pick any (though you might as well pick Tokyo - 東京).

It is located here:  

Fourth box is age (range). Pick the number closest to your age without going over (the price is right ftw?).

Fifth (the big box) is where you type your request. If you know Japanese, feel free to do your thing. Otherwise just copy and paste this: モーニング娘。46枚目のニューシングル「ONLY YOU」お願いします!!ぜひ、彼女たちに出番させてください!

Thanks to BlueMaple @ H!O for the above Japanese.

Or you can just say モーニング娘。 お願いします! to be simple.

Do note that MS's website doesn't allow right-clicking (yay another one of those!), so you can use ctrl + v to paste.

Then click that grey button and you'll be taken to another page to confirm:

Click the left はい ("yes") button and you're done!

They have no chance at getting a weekly #1 with KinKi Kids (a Johnny's group) releasing, but #2 is certainly within reach. Especially if they make it to Music Station! So if you want to buy this single when it releases on June 15th, you can do so at CDJapan!


  1. Voted. Staring at the kanji hurt my eyes.

    Here's a pic of exactly where Tokyo Prefecture is listed in case anyone else is confusted:

    I like KinKi Kids... But not more than Momusu.

  2. Can we request as many as we want? :D

  3. request done lets hope please let them get 2end yeah kinkids going to get first lets hope momusu get sencond wow that request i test my japanese i did ok writing it going to buy my next week

  4. I requested them. Damn you Kinki Kids!

  5. I really hope they would invite momusu though this is one of my fav program..x)