Monday, August 6, 2012

Mobekimasu Sort: 2012 Edition!

Of course, I've posted about this before, but a lot can change in half a year (you'll definitely see that in my results below), so it's time to rank your favorite Hello! Project members again!

Before, I used a different site but that one is missing Aika and this new one has a few extra features anyway (so thanks to Skoban for linking to it in the last post).

When you first go to the website, you'll see two members and a pink button in the middle:

And you just click on the picture of the member you like better (or if you can't decide or if you like them equally, click on the pink button in the middle. No more impossible decisions!).

Once you're done (it'll say 100% sorted and no more pictures will pop up), scroll down and you'll see 3 buttons with kanji and below that are your results. If you're wondering, here are what the buttons translate to:

For those of you who can't recognize the member's names in kanji, just click the middle "Image View" button and you'll be greeted with pictures of the members along with your ranking:

Anddddd here are my results (I added the member's names in romaji to make things easier)!
For me, there are a few surprises: Ayumi was 30th in my December 2011 ranking and now she's 5th! Sayu took the biggest drop, going from 10th to 27th. I have no idea what happened there. And poor Masaki + Rina. I don't hate them; I just didn't like them more than any of the other members. Riho was also a surprise, having broken into my top 3 and pushing Miya down a slot for the first time in a long while.

So what about you guys? How did your ranking turn out? BTW if you want me to photoshop the member's names in romaji for your results (for adding it to your blog or whatever), just take a screenshot of the results and post it in the comments.


  1. Here's my top 5

    1. Aika Mitsui
    2. Sayumi Michishige
    3. Yurina Kumai
    4. Mizuki Fukumura
    5. Maasa Suudou

    Not unexpected ^_^

    As for my bottom 5....

    5. Rina Katsuta
    4. Chisato Okai
    3. Riho Sayashi
    2. Masaki Satou
    1. Risako Sugaya

    I wasn't expecting half of them to rank so low lol.

  2. Looks like things have changed up a bit for me as well, especially with Niigaki gone.
    1. Sudo Maasa
    2. Kumai Yurina
    3. Wada Ayaka
    4. Ishida Ayumi
    5. Fukuda Kanon
    6. Tokunaga Chinami
    7. Nakajima Saki
    8. Shimizu Saki
    9. Yajima Maimi
    10. Suzuki Kanon
    11. Michishige Sayumi
    12. Fukumura Mizuki
    13. Okai Chisato
    14. Tamura Meimi
    15. Kudou Haruka
    16. Iikubo Haruna
    17. Mano Erina
    18. Ikuta Erina
    19. Sato Masaki
    20. Takeuchi Akari
    21. Sayashi Riho
    22. Hagiwara Mai
    23. Mitsui Aika
    24. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    25. Katsuta Rina
    26. Nakanishi Kana
    27. Suzuki Airi
    28. Sugaya Risako
    29. Tanaka Reina
    30. Tsugunaga Momoko

    Funny enough, I actually really like Momoko's annoying character. She just happens to be the member I like the least apparently. I kind of notice a trend of members who get a lot of lines being near the bottom, too...

  3. Top 5 (always the same)

    1. Maasa
    2. Momoko
    3. Airi
    4. Chisato
    5. Risako

  4. 1. Suzuki Airi
    2. Tsugunaga Momoko
    T-3. Tanaka Reina
    T.3. Ikuta Erina
    T.3. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    6. Shimizu Saki
    7. Suzuki Kanon
    8. Sauashi Riho
    9. Kudo Haruka
    10. Sato Masaki
    11. Iikubo Haruna
    12. Fukumura Mizuki
    13. Ishida Ayumi
    T-14. Tokunaga Chinami
    T-14. Hagiwara Mai
    16. Kumai Yurina
    17. Okai Chisato
    18. Takeuchi Akari
    19. Nakajima Saki
    20. Tamura Meimi
    21. Michishige Sayumi
    22. Nakanishi Kana
    23. Sudo Maasa
    T-24. Mano Erina
    T-24. Wada Ayaka
    T-24. Katsuta Rina
    T-24. Mitsui Aika
    28. Sugaya Risako
    29. Yajima Maimi
    30. Fukuda Kanon

    Well, surprising on how Momo and Mitsui got so high. But my order in terms of groups are:

    1. Buono
    2. Morning Musume
    3. Berryz
    4. C-ute
    5. S/mileage, Mano Erina

    The ranking is pretty consistent :)

  5. 1. Riho
    2.(They all tied with 74 points) Airi, Ayumi, Momochi, Miyabi, Risako, and Chisato
    3. Mizuki
    4. Kanon Suzuki
    5. Reina
    6. Haruka
    7. Yurina
    8. Maimi
    9. Saki Nakajima
    10. Mai
    11. Saki Shimizu
    12. Chinami
    13. Akari
    14. Meimi
    15. Sayumi
    16. Aika
    17. Erina Ikuta
    18. Masaki
    19. Maasa
    20. Erina Mano
    21. Rina
    22. Ayaka
    23. Haruna
    24. Kanon Fukuda
    25. Kana

    I'm surprised Riho beat out Airi, since Airi is definitely my #1. The rest of the list is pretty much what I expected though.

  6. 1. Kyaputen 83
    2. Momochi 83
    3. Maimi 83
    4. Maasama 78
    5. Sayashi 75
    6. Fukuchan 72
    7. Kudo 69
    8. Nakky 66
    9. Riichan 63
    10. Airi 60


  7. I've tried, and here the result:

    (Top ten)

    Missed Yuuka, Aibon, JunJun and Kanna. They should be on this top 10 list of mine...

  8. lol google translate translated from Sayashi Riho to Village teacher retention sheath

  9. 1.- Sayumi (87p)
    2.- Aika
    3.- Rina
    4.- Chinami
    5.- Mai
    6.- Mizuki
    7.- Miyabi
    8.- Captain
    9.- Maasa
    10.- Ayumi
    11.- I. Erina & Maimi
    13.- Risako
    14.- Kana
    15.- Airi
    16.- Ikubo
    17.- Reina
    18.- Kanon Suzuki
    19.- Nakky
    20.- Haruka
    21.- Yurina
    22.- Mano Erina
    23.- Chisato
    24.- Takeuchi
    25.- Momoko
    26.- Masaki
    27.- Fukuda
    28.- Wada
    29.- Meimi
    30.- Riho (0p)

    Well, Sayu is my #1, Aika is my second favorite. I'm surprised that Chinami is 4 and not 3, but I think I'm becoming a big fan of Rina. And finally MaiMai is amazing!!!

    The last five I really don't like them!!!

  10. *gasp* you ranked Riho higher than Miya? Nooooooo! LOL

    My list has changed a little bit, now that I've gotten used to the Momusu members (at the time of the last one I barely knew any of them)

    For some reason I'm really afraid I'm gonna mess up somebody's name, lol

    1. Tsugunaga Momoko
    1. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    1. Suzuki Airi
    4. Tanaka Reina
    5. Takeuchi Akari
    6. Tokunaga Chinami
    7. Hagiwara Mai
    8. Wada Ayaka
    8. Mitsui Aika
    10. Iikubo Haruna
    10. Nakanishi Kana
    12. Ishida Ayumi
    13. Fukuda Kanon
    14. Sugaya Risako
    15. Suzuki Kanon
    16. Sayashi Riho
    17. Kudou Haruka
    18. Mano Erina
    19. Nakajima Saki
    20. Fukumura Mizuki
    21. Sudou Maasa
    22. Shimizu Saki
    23. Katsuta ina
    24. Satou Masaki
    25. Yajima Maimi
    26. Ikuta Erina
    27. Kumai Yurina
    28. Michishige Sayumi
    28. Okai Chisato
    28. Tamura Meimi

    I have no idea how Haruna ranked so far above Zukki because I actually like her better. O.o

  11. Top 5:
    1. Maimi
    2. Riho
    3. Kudo
    3. Take-chan
    5. Mano

    I posted the full list on my TPF blog

  12. My top 10 are...

    1. Fukumura Mizuki
    2. Nakajima Saki
    3. Okai Chisato
    4. Hagiwara Mai
    5. Sudo Maasa
    6. Yajima Maimi
    7. Mitsui Aika
    8. Michishige Sayumi
    9. Tanaka Reina
    10. Suzuki Kanon

    The rest are...

    11. Shimizu Saki
    12. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    13. Sato Masaki
    14. Sayashi Riho
    15. Kudo Haruka
    16. Ikuta Erina
    17. Ishida Ayumi
    18. Kumai Yurina
    19. Sugaya Risako
    20. Tsugunaga Momoko
    21. Suzuki Airi
    22. Tokunaga Chinami
    23. Iikubo Haruna
    24. Mano Erina
    25. Wada Ayaka
    26. Fukuda Kanon
    27. Nakanishi Kana
    28. Takeuchi Akari
    29. Katsuta Rina
    30. Tamura Meimi

  13. My list.


  14. 1) Shimizu Saki (87p)
    2) Tsugunaga Momoko (85p)
    3) Natsuyaki Miyabi (81p)
    4) Tokunaga Chinami (78p)
    5) Suudo Maasa (75p)
    6) Yajima Maimi (72p)
    7) Suzuki Airi (69p)
    8) Kumai Yurina (66p)
    9) Sayashi Riho (63p)
    10) Okai Chisato (60p)

  15. Wow. This program is really cool! And really accurate!
    My top five:
    1) Airi (87) ^~^
    2) Reina (82)
    3) Riho (82)
    4) Sayu (78)
    5) Dawa (75)

    And the rest of my results:

  16. does anyone know if there's something like this that includes every H!P member ever?

  17. Here's my list:

    1位 鞘師里保 87p
    2位 和田彩花 84p
    3位 須藤茉麻 81p
    4位 夏焼雅 78p
    5位 矢島舞美 75p
    6位 嗣永桃子 72p
    7位 佐藤優樹 69p
    8位 中島早貴 66p
    9位 福田花音 63p
    10位 萩原舞 60p
    11位 鈴木愛理 57p
    12位 生田衣梨奈 54p
    13位 真野恵里菜 51p
    14位 熊井友理奈 48p
    15位 菅谷梨沙子 45p
    16位 譜久村聖 42p
    17位 道重さゆみ 39p
    18位 徳永千奈美 36p
    19位 岡井千聖 33p
    20位 鈴木香音 26p
    20位 工藤遥 26p
    20位 清水佐紀 26p
    23位 飯窪春菜 17p
    23位 石田亜佑美 17p
    23位 勝田里奈 17p
    26位 竹内朱莉 12p
    27位 田中れいな 3p
    27位 中西香菜 3p
    27位 田村芽実 3p
    27位 光井愛佳 3p

  18. 1. Iikubo Haruna
    2. Mitsui Aika
    3. Tanaka Reina
    4. Fukumura Mizuki
    5. Suzuki Kanon
    6. Michishige Sayumi
    7. Ishida Ayumi
    8. Sato Masaki
    9. Ikuta Erina
    10. Wada Ayaka
    11. Kudo Haruka
    12. Sayashi Riho
    13. Tokunaga Chinami
    14. Fukuda Kanon
    15. Nakanishi Kana
    16. Katsuta Rina
    17. Nakajima Saki
    18. Takeuchi Akari
    19. Tamura Meimi
    20. Sugaya Risako (After this I don't really know the girls :'( )
    21. Shimizu Saki
    22. Kumai Yurina
    23. Yajima Maimi
    24. Suzuki Airi
    25. Okai Chisato
    26. Hagiwara Mai
    27. Mano Erina
    28. Tsugunaga Momoko
    29. Sudo Maasa
    30. Natsuyaki Miyabi

  19. Uwah my top 4 are exactly where I want them to be!

    1 Natsuyaki Miyabi
    2 Wada Ayaka
    3 Nakajima Saki
    4 Iikubo Haruna
    5 Fukuda Kanon
    6 Fukumura Mizuki
    7 Sato Masaki
    8 Ikuto Erina
    9 Tamura Meimi
    10 Mitsui Aika
    11 Sugaya Risako
    12 Tokunaga Chinami
    13 Kudou Haruka
    14 Kumai Yurina
    15 Shimizu Saki
    16 Suzuki Airi
    17 Yajima Maimi
    18 Ishida Ayumi
    19 Michishige Sayumi (Although she should be higher, I may retake this)
    20 Tanaka Reina
    21 Mano Erina
    22 Tsugunaga Momoko
    23 Suzuki Kanon
    24 Sudou Maasa
    25 Nakanishi Kana
    26 Katsuta Rina
    27 Takeuchi Akari
    28 Okai Chisato
    29 Sayashi Riho
    30 Hagiwara Mai

  20. Fair result for me
    順位 名前 得点
    1位 田中れいな 87p
    2位 矢島舞美 82p
    2位 鈴木愛理 82p
    4位 石田亜佑美70p
    4位 工藤遥 70p
    4位 清水佐紀 70p
    4位 夏焼雅 70p
    4位 熊井友理奈 70p
    9位 譜久村聖 63p
    10位 飯窪春菜 58p
    10位 和田彩花 58p
    12位 生田衣梨奈 52p
    12位 徳永千奈美 52p
    14位 菅谷梨沙子 48p
    15位 嗣永桃子 45p
    16位 岡井千聖 40p
    16位 福田花音 40p
    18位 須藤茉麻 36p
    19位 道重さゆみ 23p
    19位 鈴木香音 23p
    19位 中島早貴 23p
    19位 萩原舞 23p
    19位 真野恵里菜 23p
    19位 光井愛佳 23p
    25位 佐藤優樹 7p
    25位 中西香菜 7p
    25位 竹内朱莉 7p
    25位 勝田里奈 7p
    25位 田村芽実 7p
    30位 鞘師里保 0p

  21. My indifference towards non-favourite members leads to a tiered list:

    1. Momochi
    2. Airi
    3. Fukuhime
    4. Sayu, Captain, Maimi, Chissa, ManoEri
    9. Eripon, Rihoriho, Harunan, Kuduu, Maasa, Yurina, Takechan

    What I can conclude is I like girls with the image colour pink, followed by the mature girls.

  22. Mine~ <3
    1. Tamura Meimi
    2. Suzuki Kanon
    3. Takeuchi Akari
    4. Kumai Yurina
    5. Ikuta Erina
    6. Natsuyaki Miyabi
    7. Suguya Risako
    8. Iikubo Haruna
    9. Okai Chisato
    10. Mitsui Aika
    11. Kudo Haruka
    12. Fukuda Kanon
    13. Yajima Maimi
    14. Sayashi Riho
    15. Shimizu Saki
    16. Hagiwara Mai
    17. Fukumura Mizuki
    18. Ishida Ayumi
    19. Tokunaga Chinami
    20. Sudou Maasa
    21. Nakajima Saki
    22. Suzuki Airi
    23. Sato Masaki
    24. Nakanishi Kana
    25. Tanaka Reina
    26. Wada Ayaka
    27. Michishige Sayumi
    28. Katsuna Rina
    29. Mano Erina


    Well, this doesn't surprise me at all XD

  23. Yayyyyyyyy!! My top five were:
    2) Tanaka Reina
    2) Sayashi Riho
    2) Ishida Ayumi
    5) Michishige Sayumi
    It's hard to choose when it comes to the center members of a group:) it was also hard to choose between the two 6th generation members ;P I LOVE them both!!!
    I LOOOVE SATO MASAKI THE MOST!!!!! She is soooo cute! XD

  24. 1. Momochi
    2. Haruka
    3. Riho + Airi
    5. Miyabi
    6. Mizuki
    7. F.Kanon
    8. Reina
    9. Haruna
    10. Sayumi

    This is quit accurate...

  25. 1. Reina
    2. Maasa
    3. Airi
    4. Captain
    5. Maimi
    6. Mai
    7. Haruka
    8. Ayumi
    9. Riho
    10. Aika

  26. This COMPLETELY changed the bottom of the ranking for me. Besides Riho and Masaki taking the bottom two spots as always, Yurina and Rina found themselves in the bottom. Which is really weird. And Mai is above them, which is even weirder because she's usually next to Masaki and Riho. Also, Ayumi shot up completely and is now in my top 10. My top 10 is:

    1. Haruna
    1. Miya
    1. Maimi
    1. Nakky
    6. Fuku-chan
    6. Ayumi
    6. Maasa
    6. Take-chan
    10. Sayu.