Sunday, August 5, 2012

Airi - Koko ga Suki

Airi's newest solo DVD.

For some reason, I was really looking forward to this DVD despite knowing it would likely just be another hour long gravure/e-Hello type DVD, but I suppose that's the power of Airi - making things that would normally be boring into something interesting.

One thing slightly different about this DVD is that Airi occasionally narrates, which gives the DVD a sort of storyline.

Of course, there's a variety of locations, both indoor and outdoor ones,

as well as a variety of outfits that are sure to make any Airi fan happy.

At about the 35 minute mark, the narration and the solo DVD exclusive stuff ends, in favor of the Kono Kaze ga Suki making of.


  1. You can never have enough Airi! <3 Thank you 8D

    On a side note, this may be a lot to ask, but can you reupload that Berryz Koubou DVD thingy you posted before your mediafire got deleted? It was their anniversary DVD, I think. I never got the chance to download it Dx

  2. why is the credit in english and not in japanese?