Monday, June 18, 2012

[TPF] Momoiro Clover Z VS Arashi 5/31/12

Today is TPF's 1 year anniversary and so we're releasing a few videos today in celebration! First here is some more Momoiro Clover Z on the show VS Arashi.

This is a sort of gameshow that pits the Momoiro Clover Z members vs Arashi (two celebrities join in on the fun as well. You'll probably recognize MomoClo's celeb partner from Melodix) in a few interesting battles.

The first game is a rock climbing challenge.

The climber must used the colored steps to make their way up the wall and touch those yellow orbs (that each have point values on them). Of course, the team who has the most points wins the battle.

Next is "Pinball Runner".

One teammate has a basket attached to their head and runs on a treadmill below an area where balls randomly fall. The other teammates must yell out orders as to where the balls are falling from, so that the teammate on the treadmill will know where to go.

Then is "kicking sniper". 

Teammates take turns kicking oversized balls at a stack of containers with point values on them. Knock over just the container with the point value and you earn that amount of points. Knock over all of the containers and you get a bonus 50 points.

Then is the "Rolling coin tower".

Every person on each team stacks 3 large coins on top of one another. The person who knocks over the tower causes their team to lose.

And the last game is "Korokoro Viking".

By working as a team, they must successfully navigate a ball to the bottom of the playing area, where there are point values. And whatever point value the ball lands on (assuming it makes it there safely), decides how many points you win for that round.

And of course, the team who has the most points after all of these games are over, wins today's battle.

I don't have much exposure to male idols besides random dramas, so I didn't know much about Arashi beforehand, but they were pretty awesome (Momoiro Clover Z was too, of course). Adding Yama-chan (from Melodix) only made things more fun. It's definitely a fun video to watch whether you're a fan of either groups, or just like random Japanese gameshows.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Timing: eyeless
Editing: Aleria Carventus
Encoding: Airiindeshou

Also you can visit eyeless' MomoClo fansite here.

Download link:

or watch streaming on the TPF website.

More videos coming later today!


  1. Thank you sooooo much! Love Arashi & Momoiro Clover Z! You made my day. Ah, great! :)

  2. Sweet! Thanks everyone, and Happy 1 Year Anniversary! You guys are awesome!!

  3. I'm not much of a MomoClo fan, at all (they totally bombed on yesterday's "Nazotoki Battle TORE!" special part 2), but I do love "VS Arashi" and plan to start watching it weekly on KeyHole (6AM@FujiTV) so any subbed vid is worth gobbling up. Thanks TPF & co.!

  4. @Hidders:
    Go to this site for Arashi shows:

    The person usually uploads it on youtube within a hour or two after the show airs

  5. Just noticed this~!!!
    Thank you very much!!!
    I'm actually an Arashi fan~!!
    I'm just slowly checking out Hello!Pro, but they seem really interesting to me already~

    Though now I really wonder what you guys think of them~!!

  6. hi
    I love this ep !
    I am fan of arashi & hello project ! :)
    from where I can got the sub file for this ep ?!
    And Thank you ^_^

  7. You can find all of the subtitle files here:

  8. I don't find it , there is no sub file in this link ^^"