Saturday, June 30, 2012

C-ute 2012 Haru Natsu Youtube Concert

Here is C-ute's concert that was streamed on Youtube earlier!

I'm not going to do a total review (at least not now; too tired. Check my twitter for ramblings) but let me say this: it. was. awesome.

In the first part of the concert, there were quite a few nice dance related moments, including member dance solos in Kachoii uta.

For the solo corners, Maichan performed Yuke Genki-kun (with a guitar as a prop),

Maimi performed Shock (in a really hot outfit),

Chisato performed Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku Kurai Utsukushisa ga Hoshii,

Nakky did Kagayake Houkago,

and Airi's was Bishoujo Shinri.

They also brought back the flags once again.

And Dance de Bakoon! is still hot.

Airi did an acapella opening for Seishun Song.

And Berryz made a surprise performance because of Berikyuu's 10 year anniversary today and together Berikyuu received a cake and performed Chou Happy Song.

Also, the staging was really cool. At one point even fire was involved.

About this encode: the quality isn't very good because, well, that's how it looked on the stream. Also, Youtube decided it would be a good time to buffer right in the middle of Airi's solo so there is about 15 seconds of that missing. Also, I named the file incorrectly (it's Haru Natsu, not Natsu Aki; that's what happens when you encode without sleep). Finally, you can hear Skype IM sounds a few times through the video because I was talking to someone while watching and forgot to turn that volume down.

Download link:

Thanks to Airii~n deshou?! reader Xavier B, here is the last MC:

And here is a bonus gif from that MC:


  1. thanks. This is awesome.
    And hi Kamiye. (This is JnKaddict, you know, one of those ppl who talked for so long at the concert page after concert)

  2. I'll send you a message later on Youtube. (I'm sorry for the spam )

  3. I was right, Airi did hug Captain at the end of Chou Happy Song!

  4. Couldn't watch properly due to lag issues, was spamming on comment if anyone was recording. THANK YOU.

  5. Added a download link to the last MC plus an Airi gif~

  6. Please upload in againnnn. :((((((