Monday, June 18, 2012

[TPF] HelloPro! TIME Vol. 1

This is volume 1 of the DVD release of HelloPro! TIME. It contains the first three episodes plus there is bonus never before seen footage from those episodes. The first segment is footage from the Ai wa Katsu charity event.

Then fun during a S/mileage's rehearsal for their collab concert with C-ute.

Maimi takes us into her home and shows off her dogs.

Risa plays a karaoke battle game with 9th gen (who, at the time, were pretty new to Morning Musume).

Sleepy S/mileage before an event in Osaka.

Momoko at an outdoors photoshoot.

And finally, Berryz in Seattle for Sakura-con.

Staff involved in this release:
Translation: SFGundam
Timing: gwbiasaaja, Airiindeshou
Editing: Diana
Typesetting, Encoding: Airiindeshou

Download link:

Streaming on the TPF website.


  1. part 6 is error

  2. Is it an error with Mediafire or is it an error with the rar file?

  3. It's the rar file

  4. any possibility you could share the raws for this? :3

  5. ^ sorry, we can't share the raw. One big reason is that we bought it with our own money.

  6. for part 6 the error is on the mediafire
    can't download it

  7. part 6 is ok now, thanks

  8. Yayy, can't wait to see these!