Monday, March 14, 2011

Alternative ways to help Japan (ranging from free to $1!)

First I want to say that I will not be making "regular" blog posts for a couple of days. The only thing on my mind right now is the crisis in Japan.

Anyway, there are many charities and organizations that are currently in Japan offering help, but if you are interested in alternatives, there are ways to donate money towards tangible items as well as ways to give as little as $1.

First the free option. Youtuber myargonauts will donate 50 cents to anyone that leaves a positive comment on this video. If you have a Youtube account, you have no excuse not to take 10 seconds out of your life to post a comment. Even if you don't have an account, it takes less than five minutes to make one. will match your donation, meaning if you donate $10, so will they, which basically means you just turned your $10 into $20.

Next is ShelterboxUSA. Your donations go toward a box full of supplies that are desperately needed by Japanese people who are now without homes to live in. You can even donate as little as $1 so if you have some left over change in a Paypal account or something, you can still help.

There is also I have bought Asian food supplies from them a couple of times and can vouch that they are legit. They are accepting donations toward sending packages with food to Japan. You can donate $12 for a 16 pack of instant noodles, $25 for 15 pounds of rice, or $30 for a care package full of energy bars. Note that you will also have to pay for shipping to Japan.

Another $1 option is buying this musician's song. Proceeds go to the Red Cross.

Lady Gaga has an official store where you can buy a wristband to support the Japanese relief efforts for $5. Do note that it is a pre-order and won't ship out until March 25th.

J-list will donate 5% of all purchases made there to the Japanese relief efforts. They have tons of Japan related items from Japanese candy to Japanese traditional clothing to Japanese keyboards.

CDJapan will donate 2% of all purchases made, towards the relief efforts.

Google lets you donate to the Japanese Red Cross directly for as little as 100 yen (about $1.50).

iTunes lets you donate anywhere from $5 to $200 to the American Red Cross (note: clicking the link opens iTunes if it is installed on your PC)

At Zazzle you can buy a shirt with kanji that reads "support Japan" for $15. Or you can buy other things from their store such as buttons and coffee mugs. A portion of the money goes to the Japanese Red Cross. For today only, use the code IRISHLUCKY50 to get 50% off on shipping costs for the 2 day shipping option.

SaveTheChildren allows you to donate any amount, using Paypal, AmazonPayments, and/or Google Checkout.

MercyCorps, peace winds America, and globalgiving all allow you to donate any amount that you can.

And finally, Japanese artist Yoko Furusho has created a poster that you can buy for $15. All of the proceeds will be donated toward the Japanese relief efforts.

Again, I ask that if you have any extra money at all, please consider donating using any of the links above. It is estimated that the damage done is $180 billion so every dollar counts.

As a side note, I applaud Noppin (a website that allows you to buy things from Japanese stores that do not ship abroad) for donating $1200.


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